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Finding Stop Gap Work, From Business Manager to Retail Support Create Supplemental Income Between Jobs

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Keep the Money Flowing to Cover the Bills The #1 Installment in ‘The Careerist’ (career help series)

In the news it’s been reported we’re in a down economy:that employment prospects for job seekers are few. These statements may be true more or less, depending on your perspective. For some, being jobless is an all-encompassing, life changing crisis. For others, it’s just a matter of accessing a wealth of untapped resources. Those who bounce right back use tactics to include constructing a job search from a new angle, targeting untapped skills, networking-utilizing past job resources or turning a hobby into an income-producing ad hoc job. No matter which route taken the result should be the same-you gain income to replace income lost or, to supplement income you already have. So how to proceed from where you are now to where you want to go? This article gives the first alternative in a series on how to increase your income. Each article will focus on an option that is a proven method to obtaining more money. Use this help to bridge the gap when you need to find work until your showboat comes in. Notwithstanding, you may discover that, in and of itself, some of the future tips could prove to be quite lucrative; supplanting the original reason you sought help in the first place. Read on…

Temporary Employment Agencies Register at temporary employment agencies. Many job seekers working at the same company or two all their adult lives, often overlook this option. Temporary employment agencies carry a stigma as a last resort measure. Know that there are two types of temporary employment agencies: day work agencies (that are frequented by the hardcore unemployed and transients) and temporary employment (assignment) agencies. The public often confuse the two. It is the latter of the two which is addressed in this article specifically, temporary employment (assignment) agencies.

The Pros of Getting Work Through A Temporary Employment Agency Thus far you have shunned temporary employment agencies fearing it would put the stamp of “reject” on you. Rather, if you are not moving right into a new job or are on sabbatical, temporary employment agencies should be the first place you should look! One reason being is temporary employment agencies regularly send workers on assignments the same day they register or the next. That means replacing lost income without missing a beat. A second reason is temporary employment agencies often have work assignments for top-notch companies to include Fortune 500 businesses. That means easier access to companies that may be hard to break into normally. For those who do not know any hiring managers in their industry or have few or no business connections, temporary employment agencies may be an excellent option. A third reason is temporary employment agencies have a quick turnaround in pay. They almost exclusively pay workers weekly. A first paycheck can normally be received within a week after starting work or sometimes within only a few days. A fourth reason is temporary employment agencies offer an option to pay your salary directly through your bank account. This makes payday not only quick but hassle-free. A final reason is although you may be sent on an assignment initially as a temporary worker, if the employer likes your work ethic (punctuality, attendance, work product, work spirit etc.) you may be hired on as a full-time, permanent worker.

The Ace in the Hole The true role that temporary employment agencies’ play in the hiring scenario is an industry secret. It is the means by which some of the biggest companies “screen” their new hires without a long term commitment. It allows the employer to “hire” only the best workers, without hassle.  It services roles that are subversively opposite. Nevertheless the dichotomy, the role of the temporary employment agency as intermediary works well for both the temporary worker and the employer. The temporary worker is given the chance to prove himself or herself in a job he or she might generally be excluded from, and the employer maximizes his access to groomed job recruits while managing his hiring and training resources efficiently.

Register Getting on the list of registrants at a temporary employment agency is relatively easy-because their job, is “jobs.” They often have work to fill by the ton. This does not mean throw protocol to the wind. Go to your interview dressed business casual or business professional depending on the agency and the type of job you are seeking. Brush up on your job search skills and be prepared as normal for any job interview. Here is additional help. View some of the (67) 1:00 minute videos at Job Search Minute hosted by YouTube. These videos are conducted by Brian Krueger and cover everything from your resume, to questions you may be asked and how to prepare for them, to what to do after the interview.

Watch These Extremely, Helpful 1:00 Minute Videos, plus more…
1] The Fatal Interview Sin
2] What You Need To Do Before The Interview
3] The First Interviewing Clue I Look for as an Employer
4] Preparing For The Toughest Interview Questions
5] Mastering Your Telephone Interview
6] Tell Me About Yourself
7] The Most Important Aspect of Successful Interviewing
8] How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition
9] How to Dress So The Focus Is On You

Job Search Minute is an excellent, excellent resource. The videos are brief, professional, and get right to the heart of what you really need to know. Every video is packed with valuable questions and information you always wanted to know but no other interviewer would answer. The videos can be your secret weapon in distinguishing yourself from your competition because they address questions answered from an interviewer’s perspective. The videos give you the necessary insight to what the interviewer is looking for. They instruct you on how to prepare for the interview, how to answer questions properly so you ace the interview and the decorum you must use after the interview is over. Job Search Minute is a premium resource used by ‘The Careerist’ to help job seekers land the job of their dreams. Pick the topic you want, and watch. Every video is only 1:06 minute or less!   What To Bring To Your Interview
When you go for your temporary employment agency interview be sure to bring two copies of your professional resume with cover letter. Also bring three references under separate cover; each being on an individual sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Your references should address three questions:

a] How your reference knows you? b] Why you are the best person for the job? c] What your reference thinks about you professionally and/or personally? Also, don’t forget to take 2 pieces of identification. One should be a government issued, photo identification (drivers license, passport or immigration card). The other can be government issued, non-photo identification (social security card, ITIN card, or birth certificate).

Commentary Don’t let the stigma of temporary employment agencies keep you from accessing a resource that may prove valuable to you. Once you have lost your job it is easy to despair. Staying in the game is an important element to avoid the stress and negative consequences of being unemployed. There is no shame in honest work. Bills need to be paid and you need to keep your head above water. Balance your time working through a temporary employment agency while continuing your job search for your ideal career position. It is the case however, for blue collar workers through first level management workers, temporary employment agencies can actually provide a step up in pay and job status. As stated before, coveted positions within high profile companies are reserved for temporary employment agencies as the proving ground for new hires. It is the “in” for the disadvantaged applicant. Rather than turn overlook this opportunity, why not take a closer look? Temporary employment agencies may just be the remedy you need to get you back on solid ground. Here’s To Your Success!

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