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Dramatically Increase Your Demand in the Workforce: Learn A Language!

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Did you know, learning a language can be the single most important skill you can add to increase your career marketability-no matter the field? Today’s job marketplace is quickly evolving as a global marketplace. This is evident in the success of world-wide behemoths like, ebay, Google, Yahoo! and other “newbie” global startups. Because of the expanded world-wide marketplace many companies have a critical unfulfilled need for workers who are bilingual, trilingual and multilingual. If you are unemployed, this is an opportunity to get back into the workforce and actually INCREASE your job options and SALARY.  But beware! Don’t fall into the doldrums of feeling hopeless having lost your job. Instead, face your loss as the great opportunity it is. When you learn a language, you prepare to re-enter the job market stronger than when you left. Use some of the time you are not working to learn a language, the pay off will be worth it. Remember, your future career tomorrow depends on your job skills preparation today.A Crystal Globe of the World

Perhaps you are like the average American and think learning a new language will be too hard? Well, I have good news for you. The language most in demand in the United States today is the easiest language to learn for English speakers-it is Spanish. Spanish is so easy the translated equivalent for some words are identical to, or are so closely related in structure and meaning to English, it takes little effort to learn. Spanish emanates from Latin just like English. Thus many of the words in both languages are so very close in spelling, meaning and pronunciation that it is no wonder Spanish is the #1 second language for English speakers.

For those who studied Spanish in elementary school, junior high and senior high school this is the time to brush up and add to your Spanish skills so you learn to speak fluently.  The Internet makes learning your new language easy. There are online sites that teach you the basics in your chosen language for free.  The catch? This is their incentive to get you to sign for their advanced course.  The cost of the advanced courses are reasonably priced, starting from $10 dollars per session.

Should you want to select another language, in ease of learning, the following languages are best when English is your native tongue; French, Italian, Dutch, Afrikaans, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Consider too, the languages in highest demand in the United States across all occupations are: [Spanish], Chinese (Mandarin then Cantonese), Korean and Russian.*  Adding a second language to your repertoire of skills will greatly expand the industries, employers, job types and geographical career options open to you.  That is not bad when considering the floundering job market today.

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